Hélio Volana

1994, Artist, composer, performer
Recipient of the Mira Grant 202 French Institute 
Based in Paris

︎Sensitive to the urgencies linking a threatened nature and a fractured society, Helio’s works considers sound as a space for porosity. Navigating the disciplinary boundaries of music, visual art, and performance, They have created a body of work that encompasses sound, music, performance, and installation...
︎Hélio works with sound as an expressive material, and their musical gesture explores its roughness, ruggedness, and prominences. 
VOGUING IS NOT A CRIME Installation et performance in the frame of “Nouveaux Rêves” Festival/ Galerie Ceysson & Bénétière/ Saint Etienne. 

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DILDO’S LAMENTS  Performance/ Générateur, Gentilly, FR

“darkness shades me.. On thy bosom let me rest.. When I am laid, i am laid in earth, May my wrongs create No trouble, no trouble in thy breast; Remember me, remember me, but forget my fate. Remember me, but  forget my fate”