Electroacoustic Composition



Cendres (ashes) bring us from the distant carnyx of a union block to a leading procession twirling under the clouds of gas.

The piece brings together sound fragments primarily collected during the Parisian protests against pension reform in March 2023. These field recordings have been transformed through digital and analogical processes.

The composition approache sound through its morphology. Different sound objects (whistle, carnyx, grenade shots, etc.) are manipulated and transformated, becoming fragments, grains, textures, in order to compose an immersive sonic landscape.

The first movement evokes a melancholic orchestra tuning. The instrumental sounds that compose it come from a plastic trumpet, used by french trade unionists during demonstrations. This instrument was recorded in the studio.

The subsequent movements let us hear the same instrument, but this time multiplied by dozens, recorded in its natural and polyphonic environment: the protest.

Recording this sonic body in studio conditions as well as in its environment allows for oscillation between abstraction, realism and magic.

Through the diversity of recording techniques and filtering, the piece transports us from a distant and muffled position to the edge of the membrane, with sounds tickling our ears, on the threshold of perception.

By playing with these distances—proximal, distant, real, fictitious

I seek to engage the body in the act of listening, plunging the audience into the midst of a weighty sonic territory charged with vibrant presences.

This piece was nottably interpretated on acousmonium ( orchestra of loud speakers) in Murs à Pèches, Montreuil, FR, for  Vaagues de Chaleurs/ Acousmonium de  Printemps in may 2023 and in the auditurium Jacques Brel, Pantin, FR, on June 2023.

In 2024, the piece will also be broadcasted in RadioCampus ,FR. Stay tuned for further informations.

Interpretation on a loud-speakers  orchestra  (acousmonium)
Montreuil, FR

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