Group Show supported by National Geographic
Isart galery, Antananarivo, MD

View of the collective installation by La Teinturerie.
Sculpture: Baouk/Video:Toky Andrianjafitsara/Electroacoustic Compositio: Helio Volana

view of the exhibition during the setup
Aina Zo- ALEFA

Feon’ala means “forest voices” in Malagasy.
This group show curated by Cécile Bidaud took place in Isart Galery in Antananarivo, MD, between 11 and 21 of January 2023.

14 artists collaborated with various artistic practices:Vidéo, Music, Sculpture, Paint, Poetry...

Exhibition poster

My composition Loharano was part of an immerive installation together with the work of Bazouk (Sculpture) and Toky AndrianJafitsara (Video).

Poetry by Billy Head

Sculpture by Bazou-K

Paint by Maherisoa Rakotomalala

Sculpture by Dieudonné Vonj