Supported by the Mira grant from the French Institute

Research Residency: January-February 2024,Madagascar

How can we invent new relationships with the living that transcend the dualisms of nature/culture?

This research, initiated in Madagascar in 2023, seeks artistic responses to this question through the exploration of an experimental protocol. Throughout my 2 month investigation, I will alternate between the capital and national parks recognized for their endemic fauna.

Mikarantsana' signifies a persistent sound, evoking the Malagasy sonic continuum, embodied by the muffled hum of urban engines or the constant chirping of crickets. Inspired by this rich sonic environment, I will be equipped with microphones, electronic and acoustic instruments, and computer technologies to conduct a musical exploration informed by ecological and political concerns.

The outcome of this research will be presented in a yet-to-be-determined format. Stay tuned for more information and archives.

Press release from the French Institute

Field recording session in Mahajanga, Madagascar, 2023