Feedback work
Research Residency on Serge Modular System

November-December 2023

The  Serge Modular system, La muse en Circuit, Alfortville, FR

“ La Muse en Circuit has many treasures and in particular modular analog synthesizers. Among these sonic wonders, the SERGE Modular, created by Serge Tcherepnin for Jean-Claude Éloy, is a unique model in the world requested by many musicians. “

Taking care of the sounds that are often rejected of musical process..

La Muse en Circuit, own one of the biggest Serge System in Europe. Serge is an iconic and powerfull Modular Synthesizer. Every modules that compose him offer an infinity of possibility when it’s comes to feedback works. The system in La Muse en Circuit we’re notabbly use on that proposes by the composer Elianne Radigue for a famous work L’Île re-sonante.

This residency  will be dedicated to experimentation and recordings for a futur work.

Archives, and compositions made during the residency will be uppload on December 20th.