Errances Hypnagogiques
Electroacoustic Composition



Hypnagogy defines the moment of altered consciousness that precedes sleep during the falling-asleep phase. In my case, this state has long been marked by episodes of sleepwalking and anxiety.

Inspired by this altered state of perception,

this composition explores the ambiguous, the in-between, where the categorization of what is real or not becomes impossible.

The piece is composed of mixed sounds: nocturnal field recordings of human and feline snoring, as well as modular synthesizer noises (MOOG Grand Voyager and DOEPFER). The composition was partlly made during a residency at Césaré, CNCM de Reims,FR in 2022.

This exploration of alternative nocturnal temporalities resonates with the practices of artists and curators Anabelle Lacroix (Sydney, Australia) and Nicolas Montgermont (Paris, France): This encounter led to the piece being broadcast twice on 2023—first on Radio Insomnia and then on Eastside Radio FM.

Podcast on eastside-fm radio